Discipleship way

It is a time for continuing to grow our faith as Christians and as Methodists.  While reflecting upon the importance of discipleship, we generally acknowledge that there are many different ways in which we would like to grow. Our focus was clear – how do we grow and live into our purpose which includes “to be, and make, disciples of Jesus Christ...?” 
We also identified seven practices of discipleship which are intended to guide and encourage us in ways to live into our faith daily. We will infuse the stages of discipleship into the intentional culture of CUMC. This will occur as we will be informed and invited to participate in different activities and experiences which align with the various stages of discipleship: 
Begin, Become, Belong and Bless.

Each of us will have an opportunity to engage and clarify our personal faith as we feel drawn, thereby growing in a personal commitment to our faith as a Christian and as a Methodist. 
Every one will choose his/her options and levels of participation the way of discipleship. There is flexibility and purpose to each activity in which one engages—the way is not a straight line-but as God calls us—the way. The goal and the hope is to define ourselves as a church and individuals as people of faith. 

7 Practices of Discipleship
Pray Daily
Worship Weekly
Read & Explore the Bible
Serve at & Beyond CUMC
Be in Intentional Relationship
Give Generously of Time, Talent & Resources
Practice Sabbath Time