Sunday, January 30, 2022

5th Sunday service by
John Townsend


all are welcome

all means all

We are a church focused on what it takes to be the church now
and the church for generations to come.

Join us for Sunday Morning Worship inside at 10:00 am.

Masks Required

As Jesus' disciples, our purpose at Community United Methodist Church, is to love and serve our community and world through ministries that transform lives, build stronger individuals and healthy families.


Steve Michael (North Community Church) is starting a mid-week Bible Study at the Rathdrum Community Center (formerly the Senior Center) at 8037 Montana Street in Rathdrum.
They will be meeting every Wednesday at 9:00 am for about an hour.
If Rathdrum is a good fit and you'd like to meet some new people from our satellite church to the north, please plan to attend. For more information, contact Steve (call or text)
at 208-661-8691.
And Sunday outdoor worship at 10am at Twinlow.

Service Times
when we can be together

Sunday Mornings

10:00 am Worship
All are Welcome


Here at Community UMC we are all about relationship; with Jesus and each other.
We strive to build relationships within the church and outside of it. 

"Pastor gives sermons I relate to.
People are friendly."

- Elaine Beck

"New to the area and we found this church. Great contemporary service at 10:30. All are welcome and they really mean all."

-Suzanne Zabriskie

"My home church for over 10 years. Welcoming and loving. Great for all ages. Both traditional and contemporary services and more!"

-Jennifer Emory