Pastor's Notebook: Introducing our Advent Worship Series: Generation to Generation
on November 24th, 2022
Dear Church,This Sunday marks the beginning of Advent and the beginning of a new year in the church calendar. Once more, in the midst of our holiday preparations and activities, we are invited to still our hearts and enter into the ancient story of God made flesh in the birth of Jesus Christ. The stories, scriptures, and traditions of the Christmas season have been passed down to us throughout the...  Read More
All-Church Advent Study: Light of the World
on November 10th, 2022
In this short book, biblical scholar Amy-Jill Levine explores the biblical texts surrounding the story of the birth of Jesus. Together we will learn about how the Gospel stories connect to the Old Testament, the role of women in first-century Judaism, the importance of Mary’s visitation and the revolutionary implications of Mary’s Magnificat, the census and the stable, and the star of Bethlehem an...  Read More
2023 Giving Campaign: Look for your mailing!
on November 3rd, 2022
2023 Giving Campaign: Look for your mailing! If you are on our mailing list, you should have received or will receive soon your 2023 Giving Campaign mailing. This mailing includes a pastoral letter, narrative budget, and 2023 estimated giving card. You can also access digital versions of these items below or pick up a print copy at the church. Estimated giving cards can be returned to the church b...  Read More
on November 3rd, 2022
Advent is just around the corner! This year our church is participating in a fun global photo campaign called #AdventWord. You are invited to look through your 2022 photos and send a photo or two to the church that represents one or more of the words on the #AdventWord list. These photos will be shared in the Messenger, on our social media accounts, and in a display at the church as a way to prepa...  Read More
Pastor's Notebook: Introducing Our Stewardship Worship Series, #BeUMC
on October 27th, 2022
Pastor's Notebook: Introducing Our Stewardship Worship Series, #BeUMC It is stewardship season at CUMC! Your Finance Team has been hard at work preparing the church budget for 2023. The budget is a practical document that helps us wisely steward the financial gifts that are given to the church. But more than that the budget is a statement of values. It describes who we are and what we do as a fait...  Read More
Laity Sunday 2022
on October 20th, 2022
Laity Sunday is a day set aside to remember and lift up a 24/7 reality: the priesthood and ministry of all believers (1 Peter 2:5-9). In Protestant Christianity, we believe in three kinds of priesthoods: The priesthood of every baptized Christian, the priesthood of ordained clergy, and the priesthood of Jesus, who is our High Priest in heaven. Laity Sunday celebrates the ministry of all Christians...  Read More
Pastor's Notebook: Gifted for More Worship Series
on September 14th, 2022
This Sunday we begin our fall worship series, Gifted for More. Every person is a gift from God with gifts to share! In his letter to the Corinthians, Paul wrote that our gifts exist for the benefit of others rather than for only ourselves: “The eye cannot say to the hand, ‘I don’t need you!’ And the head cannot say to the feet, ‘I don’t need you!’ so that there should be no division in the body, b...  Read More
Pastor's Notebook: Reflecting on Ten Weeks at CUMC
on September 8th, 2022
As of this week, I have been serving among you for ten weeks. Many of you have inquired how I have been settling in. Thank you for asking! My apartment is mostly unpacked, though I am always slow to get pictures hung on the walls. The same goes for my office. It takes time to learn the rhythms of a church, but because so many of those rhythms were interrupted by COVID and most of your church staff...  Read More
Blessing of the Backpacks
on August 18th, 2022
Join your CUMC family in worship on August 28 for a Blessing of the Backpacks! Students of all ages are invited to bring their backpacks to church for a special blessing and a gift as they prepare for a new school year. We will also bless the school supplies we are donating to the older siblings of our Head Start preschoolers. ...  Read More
Pastor's Notebook: Chapel Prayer
on August 11th, 2022
Two Sundays ago I preached on the importance of setting aside time to pray and be still before God. God has placed upon my heart the invitation to start a prayer ministry at CUMC. This ministry will gather on Mondays at 9 am in the Chapel for a half hour to pray for the mission and ministries of our church, attend to the presence of God in our midst, and listen for the guidance of the Holy Spirit ...  Read More
Pastor's Notebook: Staff Transitions
on July 28th, 2022
“For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven” (Eccl 3:1, NRSVUE). During seasons of change and transition, this small line from Scripture always gives me comfort. It reminds me that change is part of God’s providential plan for creation. With every change comes an opportunity to listen carefully to the Holy Spirit and pay attention to what God is doing....  Read More
Pastor's Notebook: Introducing our summer worship series!
on July 9th, 2022
While the global church celebrates a new year in the church calendar at the beginning of every Advent, in Methodism we celebrate a second, unofficial new year at the beginning of July. This is when the appointment year turns over and local churches receive new pastors. My clergy colleagues and I joyfully wished each other a "Happy Methodist New Year" on July 1st as we entered into new ministry set...  Read More