The Bible Year

a Journey through scripture
in 365 days

We believe that reading Scripture daily is an essential spiritual discipline and biblical literacy strengthens our Christian witness. In 2023 we are reading the Bible cover-to-cover with the help of Magrey deVega's Bible devotional The Bible Year. This study breaks the Bible down into daily readings enriched with thematic and devotional content. The devotional is supplementary and not required to participate; all you need is a Bible!

This study is self-guided. Weekly readings are posted below. We also offer a drop-in class on Sunday mornings after worship to discuss the week's readings, encourage each other in the discipline of meditating on Scripture, and pray for each other. All are welcome!

 June 11 - June 17 Readings

June 11: Psalms 113-118
June 12: Psalm 119:1-88
June 13: Psalm 119:89-176
June 14: Psalms 120-126
June 15: Psalms 127-130
June 16: Psalms 131-136
June 17: Psalms 137-140

A word of encouragement: The Book of Psalms is a book of poetry that should be read contemplatively and prayerfully. Many of the psalms invite us to pay attention to the present, opening ourselves to God in the moment that is before us. May you read them in that spirit this week.