Organ Installation Update-Sept. 4, 2018

logoRepresentatives from Marceau Organ Builders were onsite the last week of August 2018.  This was their sixth working visit onsite since they delivered most of the organ components to us in May 2018.  Unfortunately, most of the work is being done upstairs in the organ chambers, out of the range of our sight.  At least two more working trips remain before the organ will be ready for our use in worship; we are so close!

Since May, the windchests (that hold the pipes) have been installed as has the complicated winding system that will provide the necessary wind supply to the nearly 1,600 individual pipes.  The pipes range in length from a few inches (like a small pencil) to sixteen feet.  Most recent work includes wiring of relays, connecting the windchests and pipes to the console.  This has involved essentially one wire per pipe that has needed to be connected. Some pipes have been “planted” on the chests.  Remaining work will include finishing up wiring the relays, “blowing out” all of the nearly 1,600 individual valves to make sure there is no dust or small particles in them, planting the pipes, tuning, voicing and testing.

We have scheduled a day of dedication for Sunday, November 11thwith an indication from the Marceau firm that the organ will be ready. Please mark the date on your calendars now.  Events will include a celebration worship service in the morning and a dedication concert in the afternoon.  More information will follow.  Pictures will be shared in a variety of formats going forward.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Blessings in Christ,

Mark Haberman









Organ Installation Update-May 24, 2018

logoTuesday, May 22, several CUMC members unloaded a large U Haul truck containing most of our renovated organ.  On this load were 1) the organ console – what the organist plays, 2) all the new windchests – which hold the pipes and cause them to speak and 3) the majority of the nearly 1,600 individual organ pipes.  On Wednesday, May 23, volunteers returned to install the six newly constructed windchests in the organ chambers on the second level at the rear of the Celebration Hall.  Most of “the organ” is out of sight so it is difficult to comprehend both the size and complexity of this project.

Marceau Organ Builders staff will be on site at least three more times to deliver  and install the rest of the pipes, additional windchests to hold some of the largest pipes and winding mechanisms.  Additionally, they will “voice” the organ, customizing its sound to our Celebration Hall’s acoustics.

The wind, which ultimately creates the musical sounds, begins with two blowers, travels through wind trunks (like PCV pipe) to reservoirs which stabilize the wind pressure.  From the reservoirs, the wind travels through additional wind trunks to the windchests. The organist at the console “plays the music” which is sent as a digitized signal across an ethernet cable, the same as you use to create a wired connection between your computer and the internet.  That digitized signal is received in organ chambers where it is interpreted and sent to the windchests.  Finally, the windchests have a valve under each and every pipe and instruct individual pipes when to open, close and at what rate.

The previous paragraph is a “Pipe Organ 101” description both to provide interesting information and describe the complexity surrounding the installation process.  Beyond the mechanics of organ building is the artistic component.  Indeed, we are commissioning a work of art!

When you arrive at church on Sunday and see the organ console on the top level of the chancel/stage, please know that much more is going on behind the scenes. Again, I appreciate your understanding as we enter the final stretches of this project.  Soon (though we don’t know exactly when), we will worship God supported by the inspiring music provided by our church organ.  Thank you for your support of this project!

Blessings in Christ,

Mark Haberman (Organ Renovation Committee Chair)

Our Organ Installation Has Been Scheduled!



Tuesday and Wednesday, May 1 and 2, several CUMC members and friends joined the Marceau Organ Builders staff to remove the old windchests from the organ chambers on the second level of the church. The older windchest has been in continuous use since 1908 and the newer one since 1978. What a job that it was to dismantle and remove the windchests! Thank you to all that helped!

We have been notified that all organ components will be loaded in Seattle on Monday, May 14. Tuesday, May 15, they will be driven to Coeur d’Alene. Volunteers will again be needed for unloading the truck and the installation process, beginning in the afternoon Tuesday, May 15 and continuing at least into Wednesday, May 16. Meals will be needed for the crew (mid-day and evening) throughout that week. I will be in church on Sunday, May 13 with sign-up sheets for the various needs or you can call me (208.661.1743) or email me ( if you can help with the various needs.

The installation, voicing and “settling in” process will take a few weeks and it’s not yet possible to know when we will be able to use the organ in worship for the first time. But, it’s very soon!

Blessings in Christ,
Mark Haberman (Organ Renovation Team Chair)

March, 2017

I had an opportunity to visit the Marceau Pipe Organ Builders’ shop in Seattle on Monday, March 6th. You may recall that they are the firm that is renovating our congregation’s pipe organ. While the renovation is still largely in process (with not large finished pieces to view), the visit gave a significant opportunity to visit with Sean Haley, Operations Manager.

As the project moves into its final stages, Sean indicated that it is likely the project will be completed by July. While this is well beyond that which was described in initial contracting, it is indeed good news to hear a completion window being described in concrete terms.

The team has begun to work planning celebration events. That is exciting indeed.

Thank you for your interest and support!

Mark Haberman, Chair

May, 2016
On Tuesday and Wednesday, May 4th and May 5th, 2016 we moved into the Phase Three of our Organ Renovation Project as the organ console shell (minus its now worn out internal components from 1978) and nearly all of the organ’s 1,267 pipes were removed from the church and transported to the Marceau and Associates Organ Builders’ shop in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. A goodly number of the CUMC church family assisted in the project by removing the console, carrying pipes and housing or feeding the Marceau crew. Thank you to each one who provided support! We will acknowledge all volunteers at the end of the project.
During the summer and early autumn months the organ will be thoroughly renovated as the organ console is enhanced with reliable twenty-first century operating systems and all new windchests (which hold the pipes and control their speech) are built. A few “new to us” vintage ranks (sets) of pipes will be added alongside our existing pipework to increase the flexibility of the organ, as well. It is anticipated that, by mid-October, all will be re-installed in our Celebration Hall and re-voiced to reflect the hall’s acoustical properties.

As noted previously, members and friends of CUMC have generously donated sufficient funds to cover the full contracted costs with the Marceau firm. As associated costs continue to be determined, we will communicate whether additional funds in hand will be sufficient to cover all final costs. We are grateful for all funds donated to date and encourage those with outstanding pledges to continue to fulfill them as able.

Mark Haberman,
Organ Renovation Team Chair