Partners in Purpose Head Start & Community UMC

You should be seeing signs all around at church that indicate that our partnership with Head Start is beginning to take physical form. More than just contracts and conversations, we see refrigerators, tricycles and educational material being delivered to the church. It’s exciting. But before we get too excited, as Head Start makes itself (appropriately) at home at Community United Methodist Church (“our” church) I want to give us all some perspective as we begin this leg of our journey TOGETHER.

While on one hand it might be “our” church; what happens inside it’s walls is OUR ministry (shared). When we affirmed the purpose statement that we have displayed on our walls and a slide each Sunday morning, it gave us clarity and direction.

Having that purpose statement means that when we agree to grant space within “our” church, we have looked and found common ground within our purpose and from that point we go forward together in shared building and purpose and for us in “our” church shared ministry- OUR ministry.

To put it out there, I’ve highlighted some information from Exhibit A of the contractual agreement that I think are especially important as we go forward. Knowledge is power, especially when we are working to figure out best how to work together in OUR shared ministry/purpose. No relationship should be entered into without the understanding and commitment to working at that relationship. Nothing less should be expected of us at CUMC and those of Head Start. If you have any questions contact the office.

Lease Agreement Between Community United Methodist Church (CUMC) and North Idaho College (NIC)